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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mini Chinese take out boxes

I found these (undecorated) at Hobby Lobby (my FAV. store besides Capture). They came in packs of 6 in white, but I'm pretty sure you can find them in other colors or even transparent!

These were made for my friend Evka to give to her bridesmaids at her wedding. They housed a pair of earrings that I made to coordinate with their dresses. I forgot to get pics of the earrings (D'oh!) but pretend they're in there on the little jewelry cards. ;-)

To decorate them, I took one box apart and traced the pieces onto the patterned papers I wanted to use. Then I just cut them out and glued them to each box. That made it easier and there was no measuring! (I hate measuring!)


A close up view: I added glitter to the tags, but glitter doesn't show up well in pics. :(


This pic shows the size (aren't they cute?!)


The inside (I also made those little paper stars as a "filler". I'll post a tutorial on those another time.)



Patti said...

I want to know about the stars now.....spill it sister!

Carry Boxes said...

I like this take out box.

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